J Schmidt Consulting

Developing talent on an individual, team, and organizational level

Jenny Schmidt is a specialist in developing data and analytics talent with the non-technical aspects of the job. On an individual basis she utilizes a goal-based coaching program to create ah-ha moments and break-throughs in personal development for data and analytics professionals.

Utilizing Insights Discovery® and the four color energies, teams are introduced to a common langauge they can use to identify their strengths, communication preferences, and the value each member brings to the team enabling indivdiuals and teams to perform at their highest level. Jenny facilitates half-day workshops to introduce these concepts and and strengthen the understanding between team members or between two different teams, resulting in an increase in effectiveness and their ability to work together.

Jenny also works with human resource leaders and analytics leaders to design systems that can impact data and analytics professionals across the organziation by developing structures such as learning plans, career ladders, org structures, job descriptions, and rotational programs that meet the current and future talent needs.