Developing talent on an individual, team, and organizational level


Individual Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching - using Insights Discovery®, assist employees, new supervisors, and experienced leaders in overcoming obstacles and achieving their own goals to improve their relationships, communication, and effectiveness through ongoing coaching on a weekly or monthly basis

  • Executive Coaching - a longer term engagement for leaders of large teams (with other managers that report to them) using a methodology of self-discovery

Personality Assessment Training for Teams

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  • Foundations - using Insights Discovery® learn about personality types, how to recognize them, and how it impacts your team

  • Increasing Effectiveness - reinforce and build on the learning from the Insights Discovery® Foundation workshop by focusing on ways to adapt and connect with others on your team

  • Team to Team Engagement - create a high performing team that is able to work with other teams in your organization more effectively

Consulting Services: Analytics within Your Organization

  • Organization Design - design your analytics team (e.g. data scientists, business intelligence experts) to maximize the strengths of individuals and meet business needs

  • Career Paths - implement technical career paths and development plans to attract the right analytics talent, retain top performers, and develop analytics skills across the organization

  • Culture - develop strategies to increase the effectiveness of your analytics team and influence the entire culture of the organization to better utilizing data in decision making